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Mark MacBain is a photographer based in London Ontario, who has traveled the world. He has been a professional photographer now for 28 years. He loves the challenge of visualizing and capturing more than his clients expect. Photography has given him the opportunity to work internationally, in the United States, France , the Island of Jamaica, the Amazon jungles of Venezuela, throughout the Country of Ukraine, and many other locations.

Mark started his photographic career in architectural and commercial photography gaining recognition and several photographic awards in these areas. He then branched out to industrial, fashion and wedding photography, picking up many more awards and recommendations. This diversity in many different areas of photography has given him a better understanding, and a meticulous eye for detail and stretching the imagination to think outside of the box for the best images using ideas from all different areas of photography and integrating them together in new and unique creative ways.

Photography has changed dramatically since Mark first picked up a camera when everything was film based for print marketing to the present where a great deal of marketing targets the web. We are still a visual culture even more so with, Social Media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, no doubt with more to come. E-Commerce is exploding with activity. Mark  is constantly endeavoring to blend both worlds by providing photography to compliment your products with online catalogs along with prints giving you more  flexibility marrying  them both together to have the best of both worlds and the sky's the limit.

Digital photography has also opened up the ability to produce HD Digital quality video and upon exploring this he has been able to create Fashion videos, Music videos, Short Commercials and Wedding videos. Creating short stories through motion pictures and still photography, is part of a new idea of fusion photography and cinematography.

Throughout Mark's  photography career he has had the privilege of photographing significant dignitaries in the past including the Queen Mother; however, in the future he anticipates photographing many more fascinating people from all walks of life, your neighbors, your heroes, your celebrities and you.